Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome To My New Blog!

I love reading blogs!  I have about 20 that I follow regularly.  Some are about crafty things, others are about day to day things.  So after months of following these blogs, I began to get the urge to create my own.  It looks like fun and I've used blogs before.  I use one all the time in the technology class I teach.  I created a vacation blog so my family could follow our Yellowstone adventure a few years ago.  Well, true to my nature, I decided to dive right in and create one. After I had picked the perfect background, added pictures and some gadgets, I started to panic.  Well, not really panic, because I don't panic. :)  Worry? Fret? Second guess myself?  Whatever you call it, I began to ask myself a few questions:  Could I create something people will want to read?  What would I talk about? Would I type post after post only to have 3 followers - all of who (whom?) are probably related to me?  What if I made stupid grammar mistakes and people laughed at me?  Oh, the pressure.  Then I decided that none of that matters.  I'm creating the blog for me.  I want a new creative outlet and this is it.  Hopefully, I'll gather a few followers along the way (big thanks to my friend, Kim, for following me before I even finished the blog!).  But you know what, even if my mom is the only one who reads this - because she has to, she's my mom - that's just fine.  I'm still going to enjoy the process.  My plans, goals, and hopes for my blog are this:
  • Have fun with it!
  • Give others something to do after they've caught up on the day's Facebook and Pinterest updates but aren't quite ready to go to bed.
  • Create a record of all the new recipes, crafts, and home projects that I keep pinning and KNOW I'm going to complete.  Really, I am! 
  • Inspire me to create and do more since now I know that people will be anxiously awaiting my next post.  I won't want to disappoint my public. 
  • Post once a week.  Maybe every other week.  Or monthly.  Monthly might be good.  What???? I don't want to create unrealistic expectations and set myself up for failure!
Well, however this turns out - good, bad, or ugly - I hope you'll enjoy what you read. For now though, thanks for hanging out with me for a few minutes.  I have to go pin now.


Dawn Pin It


  1. Just checking out my own comment feature to make sure it's working :)

  2. Well you know I am going to follow... I have been blogging for years... actually getting ready to turn over a new leaf on Saturday... new blog for me waiting.... you better be there with me on this ride girly...
    love ya... can't wait to see what you are going to blog about...

    1. I can't wait to see your new blog!!!! You know I'll follow it, too. :)


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