Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Why do I love being a mom?

Hearing them laugh and talk when they think I'm not listening.
All the memories of us doing little craft projects, having picnics in the backyard, watching Winnie the Pooh and reading books (and many, many, more memories) when I was a stay at home mom.  I miss those days.
Spending time shopping together. Well, that's mostly Kenny.  At least I raised one shopper!
Hearing all the raucous noise when they're playing around, bugging each other, and yes, sometimes fighting.
Catching them doing something nice for someone when they haven't been asked such as holding open a door for a stranger or taking out the trash (well, most of the time I have to ask them to do that, but they never complain about it!)
Seeing them voluntarily read a book (I'm still working on Kelin with this one).
Seeing them smile when they're happy, and offering advice and support when they're not.
Knowing I can depend on them if I need to.
Spending time together watching a movie or playing games.
Having two more men in the house who can reach objects on the top shelf for me. :)
Seeing the two wonderful boys we have raised grow into responsible, caring, and considerate young men.

I could go on all day.  Happy Mother's Day to everyone!  I hope you enjoy the day if you're a mom.  If you're not a mom, be sure to treat the mom in your life like the queen she is, at least for today. :)

Thank you to the two best sons anyone could ask for for making my job easy all these years.  I love you!

Photo by Jodie McNally

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  1. Happy Mother's Day girly.. enjoy your day... Hugz..

  2. Well said! Enjoy the day Dawn!

  3. Thanks! Hugs to Kim and to "anonymous" - whoever you are! :)


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