Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 Things I've Tried to Teach My Boys

I have the most wonderful sons ever!  They're kind, considerate, responsible, and of course handsome! :)  I hope I've taught them well and raised them right.  There are many things I hope they've learn through the years but here's just some of wisdom I've tried to pass on...

1.  Manners.  Use them!

2.  The kitchen isn't just for girls.

3.  And neither is laundry.

4.  Open doors for strangers.

5.  Home is a safe place both physically and emotionally.

6.  For God's sake, use a condom!

7.  Do what is right for you, not what other's want you to do.

8.  Treat women with respect.  Always.

9.  Know (or learn) how to do things for yourself around the house.

10.  I will always love you, no matter what!


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  1. All simple things that my boys also have learned...
    it is amazing when they get older to see how things that once they didn't get...they get now...

  2. And you have taught them well!

  3. All of that is good advice. Especially #6


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