Friday, June 1, 2012

Laundry Room Redo!

I am starting an exciting new project for the summer!!!!!  After living here for about 22 years, I'm finally going to redo the laundry room!  Even when we completely gutted and remodeled this house in 2000 we didn't touch the front entry/laundry room.  No one uses the front door and we're the only ones who see the laundry room (well, I certainly see the laundry room daily - don't know about the rest of the family!).  The space was originally just a closed in front porch with windows across the whole front.  In about 1993, we closed off all the windows, except 2, and moved the washer and dryer up from the basement.  The next change we made was to add a wall and break the space up into an entry way for the front door and a laundry/storage room in the back.  I made a lame attempt to redo the spaces once or twice, but failed miserably as you will soon see.  So now I've got the itch and I'm ready to update and redecorate!  I've decided that if I'm going to do most of the laundry, I want a nice place to do it in.  Besides, the space is completely wasted!  There could be so much more storage than we have now.  It's basically a blank slate right now.  I have some ideas and am working on a plan.  I'm expecting this to take all summer and I'll update as I go.  So, it's time to get started....

Before I show you these pictures, just know that I never clean this room.  Maybe once a year I'll straighten it up and sweep it, but that's about it.  I also didn't tidy it up for the pictures.  I wanted you to get the full effect.  Well, I did take down my bras that had been hanging to dry.  No one needs their bras hanging out on the internet.  They're mostly utilitarian anyway and not real pretty to look at.  No more fancy lace and satin numbers around here.  (sorry, honey!)

You can see in the picture above that we did hang some drywall on one of the walls and the ceiling at one time.  We never finished it though.  The other two walls are still the old wood siding that's been on the house forever.  We put down the subflooring a couple of years ago so at least that's already done.

This corner is totally wasted space!  There are some shelves back there, but still not being used well.  As you can see, we also have a large upright freezer that takes up a lot of space.  It currently has about 500 lbs. of frozen meat in it, too.  Not sure how we're going to move that thing around right now!

There are only two windows.  This also shows another poorly utilized corner.

There's the wall Lance put up.  We never finished it either.  In this picture, you can see a window on the left. There's another one behind that shelf in the back corner.  These windows originally went into our living and dining rooms inside the house until we did the remodel in 2000.  The builders were supposed to remove them.  We all forgot about it and didn't realize it until about a year after the remodel was done.  So they're still there.  We're going to have to get them covered or something.  We have to be careful though because the only thing on the other side of the window pane is the drywall in our living room.  I really don't want to have to pay someone to fix our living room drywall!!!!!

I do have some ideas.  If you're on Pinterest, I have a laundry room board that I've been adding to.  Here's things I know I want:

counter top
more storage
bead board walls
fun colors!
un-stack the washer and dryer

I won't be spending a fortune on this redo.  Hoping to get it all done for less than $1,000.  I do want it to look nice, but in reality, it is still a laundry/storage room and there's no point in getting crazy.  So, I plan to use more inexpensive materials and find bargains (I hope!).  Besides, anything would be an improvement over what it is now!

I have some color ideas and I'm trying to narrow it down...

I love these colors.  They seem a little retro to me and are like nothing else I have in my home.  I'm actually beginning to loathe all my home decor.  It's too dark.  I want to go lighter.  Hopefully a living room redo is in the near future, too.  Anyway, I'm thinking seafoam for the walls and coral/khaki for accents.  I had pretty much settled on these colors when I found this color combo at Sherwin Williams.  Scroll down to see the swatches.  Maybe watery on the walls and gray/yellow/begonia for accents.  I like the swatch I have better than how they look online.  

Whew!  That's enough for now.  I'll let you know when I take the first big step and get started.  Thanks for reading this enormously long post! :)


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  1. Dawn, since this is the only time you are probably going to redo this...khaki or grey on the walls. You can change out your accent colors any time you want. A basic wall color will be easier to match with new accent colors.

  2. Good point. As I was looking at the colors after I posted this, I actually was thinking that the grey color would look nice with the white appliances and cabinets.

  3. I like the khaki as the main and then either one of the accent colors... Love coral..
    Can't wait to see it finished.
    Have a great weekend..


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