Monday, July 2, 2012

10 Favorite Childhood Toys

So I was looking for something the other day in our "computer room" and came across a few old pictures from my childhood.  One was taken at Christmas and showed me with my new Merlin electronic game - back when a few blinking dots and noises were considered to be state of the art in handheld electronics!  Then I became a little nostalgic for the good old days and a childhood long gone.  I started thinking about some of the toys I had as a kid and decided I'd do a "10 Things" post about them.  I was born in 1970 (yes, do the math, I'm 41 for awhile longer) so this is a little blast from the past!  So here are some of my favorite childhood toys - that I can remember anyway!  (in no particular order)

1.  Oh Colorforms!  These simple 2D static stickers were all the rage.  I had this set and I'm sure a few others.  Do they even make these anymore?

2.  The Quiz Wiz.  Handheld electronics were just starting out and this was sooooo cool!  It had 1001 multiple choice questions on various topics.  I think you could buy different quiz packs for it, too.

3.  Every girl wants to be a fashion designer at some point in her life, doesn't she????  I loved creating new outfits with this!

4.  My disco light! Yes, I did the Hustle and other funky moves. :)  I couldn't find a picture of my exact disco light though.  I'm sure they have it at the Smithsonian or something.  When is disco coming back?

5.  Fisher Price Play House.  This is one of the earliest toys I remember.  I'm pretty sure our vintage "Little People" were also small enough to be a choking hazard.  

6.  Of course Barbie is making the list.  I had this exact one (I think it was Fashion Shoot Barbie or something) and many, many more!  I spent hours playing "Barbies."  Wish I had them all now.  I could sell them and make a few bucks! 
7.  Baby Alive.  She ate, drank, and peed her pants.  What every little mommy wanna be needs.  

8.  Husker Du!!!!!  The ultimate memory game!  My brother and I were at a flea market a couple of years ago and spotted one of these for $1.  I snatched it up and my family plays it now!

9.  Every kid, and probably adult, in the 80s had one of these!  Rubik's cube.  Ours was great until my brother peeled off the stickers and put them on in order.  Kind of ruined the game.  Now they make them with colored plastic so sneeky little kids can't change the stickers.  

10.  Finally, my Barbie make-up head.  You could style her hair and put make-up on her face.  She always looked like a prostitute when I got done with her, but it was fun!

What's your favorite childhood toy?


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  1. Yes, the still make Colorforms. In fact, there's even a Colorforms app.


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