Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's a Cleaning Miracle!

So I have this stainless steel and black oven.  I love it!  Except I don't love trying to keep the stainless steel part clean.  I always have these nasty looking water marks on it from people in my house, who shall remain nameless, spilling food down the front and me trying to keep it wiped clean.  I've searched the internet for tips on how to clean them.  I've seen everything from using baking soda pastes, vinegar, Dawn dish soap, to cream of tarter paste, salt, Pledge and on and on.  I've tried a couple of these ideas and none of them worked.  I know there's commercial cleaners you can buy, but I just wanted it clean today!  So I thought I'd try one more time to find a solution.  O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!  I found the easiest solution that actually works:  Mr. Clean Eraser!  Now, maybe the rest of the free world already knew this, but it was news to me.  Here's my before and after pictures:

It was hard to get a picture that really shows how bad it looked.  You can see the spots somewhat on the bottom here.

These pictures show the spots and streaks a little better.  

To get the spots off, I dampened the eraser sponge and scrubbed in the direction of grain (if that's what you call finish of stainless steel!).  Then, I took a dry paper towel and wiped it off.  At first it doesn't look like you got anything rubbed off, but be patient.  As it dries, it clears up.  Some spots required me to scrub a couple of times and dry them to get them completely off.  Eventually though, it came out looking brand new!!!!!!

I could not believe how clean it was when I finished!  If you have trouble with getting your stainless clean, you have got to try this!  If you do, let me know how it works for you. :)


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