Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Laundry Room Update

Here it is almost the middle of July and I haven't done a laundry room update since my first post about it back on June 1st.  I probably haven't posted because there's not a lot that's exciting to tell you about.  If it were just a matter of me redecorating, I'd be done by now.  When you have to enlist your husband's help though, it takes a little longer.  It's not because he's slow or procrastinates, it's just that when your husband has a tough job and works outside in the heat all day (especially the 100 degree heat of last week!), he really doesn't feel like working when he gets home - and I don't blame him!  We've plugged along, a little at a time.   So here's what we have so far....

We decided it was easier to just board up the 2 windows than it would be to take them out.  The other side of that window is the back to my drywall in the living room.  We figured our chances of getting the window out without damage to that wall was about 0%.  This option seemed much safer.

Lance and Kelin spent some time putting up some OSB to give us a flat wall surface and more stability.  If we just tried to put the bead board up over the old siding, it would eventually probably get wavy and look crappy.  We had to do this to 2 uneven walls.

You can't really tell in this picture, but that's the start of the bead board going up.  We have never found one single wall, corner, or angle in this house to be straight and/or 90 degrees.  It's a virtual nightmare to try to hang something like the bead board and expect it to come out perfect.  Thank God for trim!!!!!!  So far, we have about 1/3 of the bead board done.  I'm hoping to finish that this weekend.  I've also primed the ceiling and the entry way.  

Speaking of the entry way.  I didn't show you pictures of that back in June, because I wasn't sure I was going to do anything to it.  However, inspiration hit me, and I decided to run with it.  It's going to be painted the same color scheme as the laundry room.  These two rooms are adjoined by a doorway, so it makes sense.  Besides, I was tired of the drab, dark colors anyway.  
Before I did anything:

As you can see, I did at some point in time (quite a few years ago!) attempt to do something with this space.  Somehow, that plan fell apart.  I stained the walls blue - the walls are actually that wood outdoor siding stuff.  I never got around to any flooring.  There used to be an ugly storage bench where the chairs and all the shoes are, but I started hating it and got rid of it.  In the following picture you can see that I've primed the walls in anticipation of their new gray color!  Also, the chairs are going out of here.  They're only there because I didn't know where else to put them at the time.  The rocking chair was Lance's grandpa's.  I've really got to find a good space for it.  If one of my kids would just move out so I could make a guest bedroom, it would be a perfect place for that chair! :)

So, as soon as we get the bead board done, I can jump head first into painting the walls and putting the textured wallpaper on the ceiling (love that stuff!).  The I'll put in the flooring and finally the new counter, sink, and cupboards.  I realllllly want this finished before school starts in August.  Cross your fingers for me, would ya!


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