Thursday, July 26, 2012

Laundry Room Update

We had a bit of a lull in the laundry room redo department until this past week.  In that time, we finally managed to get the bead board up and painted, ceiling papered, and the vinyl flooring down.  It's really starting to take shape now and I'm getting very excited about finishing it!  Here's a few pictures from the last steps we've completed.

You can see the pattern in the unpainted bead board here:

I painted the walls Light French Gray from the Glam collection by Sherwin Williams.  It's hard to get an accurate picture of the color.  If you look at the color collection, I think I'm sticking with the gray for the main color with accents of the yellow and maybe a little bit of the blue.  I'm pretty sure I'm leaving the Begonia color out.  I love the color, but I'm just finding more accessories and curtains in the other colors.  

Here you can see the ceiling.  I used textured wall paper because the ceiling texture would've been near impossible to get smooth for painting.  I HATE finishing drywall!!!!!!  HATE IT!  So I used this paper instead.  I need to give a BIG thanks to my boys for helping with the paper hanging!  It was NOT a fun job but we got it done and it looks pretty good.  

And finally, the vinyl flooring.  I just used the peel and stick stuff because it was the cheapest and easiest since I was doing it by myself.  I think it's called Terraza Chalk from Lowes.  

All I can say is, thank God for trim!  When you're working with an older house (or any house I'm sure), nothing is square or straight.  It's almost impossible to get things to fit perfectly.  In the world of home improvement, trim is your friend.
Did you notice in the pictures how my washer and dryer were stacked, then unstacked, then stacked again?  My original plan was to have them unstacked, but I don't think that's going to work now.  I'm somewhat limited to where they can be placed because of the plumbing and dryer vent.  The only way to change those is to get into the crawl space below the room and the only way to get to that crawl space is to move our rather heavy concrete front steps.  Hubby made it quite clear when I began this project that there would be no moving of the plumbing and dryer vents because he wasn't getting down in that crawl space and he was relatively sure I wouldn't do it.  We have been able to adjust the placement somewhat, but it's all going to be withing a few feet of where it started, which is fine.  Where you see the washer and dryer in the last photo is their permanent home.  You can't see it in the angle of this photo, but the upright freezer is on the other side of them. 

Next step:  Installing cabinets, counter top and getting a new washtub.  Then I'll just have to trick it out with accessories and I'll be a laundry washing fool!!!!!!!


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  1. It's looking great, Dawn!!

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