Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Birds and the Bees

No, I'm not giving you "the talk" today.  I'm going to show off some of the flora and fauna in my yard.  Unless you need some birds and bees that case, just email me and I'll see what I can do. LOL!  So, I have about a dozen pots of flowers between my front and back yards.  They've really been taking a beating this month with all the heat!  I water them daily in this heat but lately, that's been a challenge in itself, especially in the front yard.  And here's why...

I haven't been able to positively identify the bird who laid these.  I think it might be some kind of dove.  If you know your eggs and know what kind of bird this is, please tell me!  The eggs are a tan color with brownish spots.  The only time I've kind of seen the mama is when I first got too close to the bush and she came flying out while screeching at me.  Scared the crap out of me!!!!!  Now, when she sees me coming in the front yard she starts chirping immediately.  I really took my life in my hands by trying to get this picture!  The whole time, she sat in a nearby tree and screamed at me.  Sooooo, in order to water the two pots that are near that bush now I have to stand about 8 feet away and shoot water over to the pots so she doesn't freak out everyday.  

Then there's the bee problem.  I always try to water plants in the morning.  The bees also like to do their work in the morning.  This creates a conflict of interest for both parties resulting in a constant battle for flower rights.  I've tried to explain to them that in order for their flowers to continue to grow, I need to water them.  They're a stubborn bunch and just won't listen.  These aren't cute little sweat bees either.  They're big, ugly, black ones.  Now, I'm not a pansy who is scared of bees.  I don't run screaming like a girl when I see one, but I'm not too excited about antagonizing a dozen bees who are focused on getting nectar for their queen.  As soon as I start watering, they start buzzing me.  By the way, bees don't like being sprayed with water.  Anyhooo, they particularly like my Russian Sage, roses and Hibiscus.  

Every morning, it's a battle of the wills to get my flowers watered!  I just keep my fingers crossed that I don't get stung!

The backyard is much easier to deal with.  No bees!  Although, I now have ants crawling all over my hummingbird feeder!  I rarely see the hummingbird anyway and I'm sure he won't be pleased to see his food supply has an ant infestation the next time he does come back.  So, I'm trying to get rid of those little suckers.  My backyard is a much more enjoyable place to hang out.  I have all kinds of birds to watch.  The male and female Cardinals are a hoot.  She comes by most evenings to take a bath while he stands guard to keep her safe.  Isn't that just so sweet?!!

Uh oh.  I've been spotted.

 I also have plenty of other birds around.  Most of them won't sit still long enough to have their picture taken.  It's really too hot out right now for me to have any patience with it either!

Birds, bees, squirrels, flowers.  Although the squirrels haven't been hanging around much lately. There's plenty of entertainment on my property. However, lately it's been getting dangerous around here!  I even found a tick on my neck after watering today!  Ewwwww!  Now I keep feeling nonexistent things crawling on me.  If the bees don't get me, the ticks might!
No matter though.  I still enjoy sitting outside, watching all the wildlife in my yard on nice days.  It's very quiet and relaxing.  If you need a respite from life, stop by and have a sit for awhile.  I promise you'll be relaxed before you leave. :)


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