Saturday, October 6, 2012

20 Gifts for 20 Years

I can't believe it.  I never thought it would happen to me, but it did.  I'm officially the mother of a son who is no longer a teenager.  Kenny turned 20 last week.  I don't know where the last 20 years went, but they sure flew by!  I don't have any of his baby pictures on my computer since he was born so long ago - before all of this technology - and honestly, I'm just too tired to get up and find one to scan :)  So this is the youngest picture of him I have... (Kenny is on the right-3 years old, Kelin is the baby-8 months)

Yes, I used to dress them up in cutesy outfits like this and take tons of pictures.  What can I say?  I'm a mom.  You can thank me later Kenny for putting this on the internet where a billion people will see it.  Well, probably only about 20 or 30 blog followers, but you're still welcome :)

And this is my handsome son last weekend with his beautiful girlfriend, Demi...

I'm so proud of both of my sons!  They have grown into wonderful young men.  I can't wait to see where life takes them and am excited about being part of that journey. 
I had no idea what to get him for his 20th birthday because, let's face it, he's spoiled and doesn't need a darn thing!  I saw several ideas online for getting someone the number of gifts for their age and putting them in a basket like this one on the Workman family blog.  

Here's my version:  20 Gifts for 20 Years

I had the green plastic tub leftover from a party this summer.  I think I paid a couple of dollars for it.  To get some of the small items to stand up, I taped a block of florist foam in the middle of the tub then arranged the larger gifts around it.  For the gift cards, I taped them to bamboo skewers and stuck them in the foam. The last thing I added was a few $20 bills to round the 20 gifts and then stuffed some yellow shredded paper into the gaps.  I think it turned out extremely well!  This is a great gift when you don't know what to buy, especially for a college guy!  The basket contains the following items:

package of underwear - because you're never too old for your mom to buy you underwear!
Axe body wash
trail mix
mini Oreos
2 bottles of pop
drink mix
beef jerky
gift cards

You can overspend a little when creating gift baskets so I would suggest setting a budget for how much you would usually spend on the recipient first.  The gifts don't have to be expensive.  I love putting baskets like this together though.  I can't wait for Kelin to turn 20 so I can do it again!  On second thought, I'd like to keep my baby a teenager for awhile longer.

Also, last Saturday morning my backyard was a flurry of activity with wildlife.  My fountain was a particularly busy spot.  I thought I'd end this post with some pictures I took.  Some of them aren't the best quality because I took them through a window with a zoom lens, but enjoy...

I rarely get Blue Jays in my backyard so this was a treat!

Uh oh!  I think I've been spotted. 

The robins were everywhere.  My cardinal and hummingbirds made an appearance as well, but I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of them. :(

Purple finches (I think)

One of my crazy squirrels

I've been spotted again!

I don't know what these birds are, but they look rather mean and nasty. 

The squirrel retreated to a nearby tree to eat a nut.
I love watching the wildlife in my backyard.  As much as I love fall, I hate that it signals the end of all this activity.  Wow!  I am officially getting old.  A 20 year old son and all this bird and squirrel watching!  I better see about getting a walker. :)

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