Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crazy Squirrels!

I know I've mentioned my backyard squirrels many times.  So many in fact, that I feel I'm running the risk of being labeled the "Crazy Squirrel Lady."  I can't help it though.  They're fun to watch... until they start chewing on my $200 patio cushions.  Then it's time to consider squirrel meat for dinner!  Last year they chewed up an old cushion I had on my yard swing, which I really didn't care much about anyway.  Then I caught them trying to chew my expensive cushions so I had to put those away in the garage.  I know they're just looking for things to stuff their nest with for winter, but seriously, find something cheaper to chew on!  This year, I was prepared.  I put an old, cheap cushion out by a tree the squirrels frequent.  Sure enough, I caught one out there chewing a hole in it and pulling out piles of stuffing to take back to his (or her!) nest.  You gotta see this!

The little sucker just kept packing in more and more stuffing until his mouth was so full he couldn't add anymore.  I think he finally saw me because I was laughing so hard I couldn't keep quiet.  I've decided that next year, I'm just going to put a tomato cage at the base of that tree and buy a bag of cotton fiber fill to put in it.  Then the squirrels can have all the stuffing they need for their nest and keep toasty warm in the winter. They really do live the good life in my backyard!
I also took a couple of neat pictures of the moon not too long after the squirrel shenanigans and thought I'd post them, too.  The second one is pretty good for a basic zoom lens and no tripod. 

Happy Fall!
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