Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

 Well, almost.  Valentine's Day is in 3 days!  Love, chocolate, flowers, chocolate, delecious dinners, chocolate.  Oh, and my favorite thing about Valentine's Day?  Chocolate! :)  I love giving my Book Club girls little gifts and what better occasion than February 14th???  We had book club last week (I'll do a post on that one later) and I wanted to give them their Valentine's early.  These are the cutest things that I found on Pinterest.  The original idea was from Sweet Blessings.  They looked adorable and so easy!  I got busy and found some Valentine's scrapbook paper that I already had.  I bought it last year in Target's dollar spot.  Gotta love the dollar spot!  I bought 2 bags of Hershey Miniatures.  You could use any kind of chocolate though that is rectangular in shapes.  The woman I got the idea from used Hershey Nuggets. 

You need to cut a small strip of paper, approximately 1" x 3" for the Hershey Miniatures, for each piece of candy.  I just took the wrapper off of one piece of candy and cut the silver ends off to make a template.  Then, I just cut the paper the same size (or you can just use a ruler - whatever is quickest for you).  Next, I had to eat that piece of candy because now it had no wrapper!  The sacrifices I make in the name of crafting are endless!

Now you just wrap the paper around a piece of candy and secure on the back with a small piece of regular old Scotch Tape.  There you have it.  One down, a bunch more to go. :)  It really goes fairly quickly if you get all of your paper cut out first.

Now it's time to put the names on the candy.  I already had these stickers and they fit perfectly!  If you don't have stickers, you could also just use a black Sharpie or other crafting pen and write cute little letters on the candy.  Stickers are fun though!

After you get the letters attached, or drawn, slide the candy into a clear plastic bag.  I got the pretzel bags that Wilton makes from my local JoAnn Fabrics.  They're fairly inexpensive for as many as you get.  You can purchase them at JoAnn's online or I'm sure they have them wherever Wilton supplies are sold near you.  I put 6 pieces of candy in each bag.  Nicole had the longest name so to make them all even, I added extra candy with heart stickers on them so everyone had 6 pieces no matter how many letters they have in their name.  Can't cheat someone out of their fair share of the chocolate!
And there you go!  Easy peasey!!!!  I tied some red and white curling ribbon at the top to finish them off.  Just don't tie it too tight or you could make the candy get all wonky in bag.  Also, sometimes the candy wants to fall into the bag sideways.  It's easy to work it around so it's in straight though.  Aren't they adorable???? :)

Here's a closer view so you can see the paper better.  If you don't have Valentine's paper, any red, pink, or purple paper would work fine.  You still have plenty of time to make a few of these yourself.  Find some cute paper, buy some candy, and get busy!

You could make these for other holidays besides Valentine's, too.  Christmas?  Halloween? 4th of July?  They'd make great party favors, too!  The girls loved them.  It's like getting to open a tiny little present each time you eat a piece of candy. :)
I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and spend it with the ones you love!
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