Sunday, March 31, 2013

Peeps On a Stick

Happy Easter!  I hope you had a joyful holiday filled with family, faith, and of course a few Peeps, my all time favorite Easter treat!  You know what Peeps I mean...those sugar covered, marshmallow pieces of pure deliciousness.  I know the Peeps company tries to pass off those other, non-Easter Peeps...Christmas trees, pumpkins, snowmen...but nothing compares to an Easter Peep!  My holiday just isn't complete without them.  Last year, I attempted to make a Peep Sunflower Cake that I saw somewhere (can't remember where now!).

It turned out OK, just not quite as cute as I thought it would be.  This year I tried Peeps On A Stick.  The blog I got the original idea from used different colored chicks, but I just used yellow bunnies.  I wanted bunnies and that's the only color Target had at the time. 
It's not like you need a lot of instruction for this project because it's pretty self explanatory:  stick peeps on a bamboo skewer, cover in with a plastic bag, tie closed, done.    However, I do have a couple of tips that might help.

Skewering a Peep actually kind of squishes them somewhat.  I found it helpful to firmly, but gently, hold the Peeps like this when putting on the skewer and twisting it a little as I went:

If you hold the sides, like this, it tends to squish them more.  

Also, when you pull Peeps apart, it exposes the sticky marshmallow on the sides.  This makes it difficult to slide the finished skewer into a skinny bag.  The marshmallow sticks and makes a mess of the bag like this:

In order to prevent this, I dipped the exposed marshmallow in plain white sugar and no more sticking!

I put 3 peeps on each skewer, but you can certainly add more if you'd like.  Then slid them in one of the Wilton Pretzel Bags and tied the end with ribbon.  And there you go, Peeps On A Stick!  

To display the Peeps, I put some cut florist foam in a small basket and covered it with pink grass.  

I'd say they turned out rather cute!  I really would've rather had different colored bunnies but just wasn't in the mood to travel to different stores to find them.  Next time, I'll plan ahead a little better.  

So, what do you think?  Easy Easter treat?  I made about 10 of these and I'd say it only took me about 30 minutes.  Do you have any favorite Easter treats?

Happy Easter!

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