Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cookie Bouquet

A couple of weeks ago, we had a graduation party for my son.  I thought it would be fun to have a couple of cookie bouquets on the cake table.  I have seen pictures of them and they always look so neat!  I've never made them before, but figured they couldn't be that hard.  After a quick internet search for instructions, I gave it try.  I can't give any one person or blog credit for how to make them since I basically read a half dozen or so tutorials and then just dove right in.  It's actually very easy!

Just choose your favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut out whatever shapes you want to use.  I would suggest using a fairly good sized cookie and not one with a delicate shape.  I used stars and circles.  The smallest was probably 2 inches across and the largest about 4 inches.  After cutting out the shape, place it face down on your cookie sheet.  Next, lay a cookie stick on top of the cookie (sticks sold at JoAnn Fabrics or where ever you might buy Wilton supplies. **note:  They also sell candy sticks.  Make sure you don't accidentally buy those because they aren't as sturdy).  Now take a small piece of cookie dough and gently press it over the back of the cookie, sandwiching the stick in between cookie layers. My stick goes about half way up the back of the cookie.

Next, carefully flip the cookie and stick over to bake.  You might notice a small tear in the dough on the front side (see below) after you flip it.  I just gently pushed the dough back together.

Bake your cookies per your recipe directions.  When they are done, the back will look similar to this:

This is the front of two after baking:

These came out surprisingly sturdy.  I mean, I was careful with them, but they weren't as fragile as I thought they might be.  Just frost and decorate as you normally would.  If a stick does come loose, just dip the tip of the stick in frosting and slide it back in the cookie.  That should hold it.  I did use a couple of different lengths of sticks to create the bouquet - 6 and 8 inch.

To make the bouquet, I bought a cheap metal vase and cut floral foam to fit inside.  Then I covered the vase with black tissue paper and topped it off with a handful of metallic shreds.  All of those supplies were purchased at Dollar Tree for $1 each!  The sticks cost a few dollars per package (20 per pkg).  So I made 2 cookie bouquets for probably less than $10.  I also didn't use all the tissue paper, shreds, foam and sticks so really if you break it down by pieces I probably spent about $5 for the two because I have supplies left over.  Either way, I think they turned out pretty darn good!  Please excuse the background.  I totally forgot to take some better pictures before the party!

I think they look best with an odd number of cookies in the bouquet.  You could add more if you would like to make a larger bouquet.  I seriously couldn't believe how easy they were to make!  I'd really like to get into making and decorating cookies more.  I really enjoy the decorating part!  Also, these bouquets sat out, uncovered, overnight and they did not get stale.  They are obviously more for show, but I just couldn't resist eating one after they party and they were still fresh! :)

I really want to make more of these bouquets because I enjoyed the process!  Maybe I can talk my SIL into letting me make some for my niece's next birthday party. :)

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