Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bedroom Redecorating

I'm so excited! This is my 100th post!!!!!!!!!!!!  And probably within a couple of weeks I will reach my 50,000th pageview!  Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading my little blog.  I do enjoy it and hope to keep it up.  I know I didn't blog as much this summer as I planned, but there were so many things calling my name that it was hard to work everything in.  Hopefully I will get back to a more regular routine soon.

One of the things I did accomplish this summer was to redecorate my bedroom.  It was just in need of a little spruce up.  I didn't do anything too extreme, just some fresh paint, new curtains and bedspread, a little rearranging and other minor fixes.  Here are a few before pictures:

Bathroom first...this is our master bath in our bedroom.

On to the bedroom... 

I have entirely too much stuff in my bedroom!  Unfortunately, there isn't a lot I can do about it.  I have no other place for the treadmill, we each have a dresser, nightstand, etc.  As you will see later though, I did a little rearranging and I think it helps.  I also have such a hodge podge of different woods and furniture colors!  Unfortunately, I don't have the money to replace everything so it all stays.  Our two dressers are both family heirlooms, so they stay.  I know I could paint other furniture, but that wasn't in the plan this time.  I just wanted a quick redecorate and I think I accomplished that.

Bathroom first...It was a green color, and I painted it a darker blue.  Same color swatch as the bedroom, just 2 shades darker.  The curtains that frame the shower are actually the curtains that match my bedspread (curtains and bedspread were purchased at Bergner's).  I installed an actual curtain rod above the shower for the curtains and valance.  The white shower curtain liner in the center is hanging on a shower rod.  Lance now calls the shower "The Shrine."  :)  If you are planning a bathroom remodel, here's some advice...put in a white toilet and tub!  When we did this about 13 years ago, the off white stuff was in.  However, it doesn't go with much of anything!  White pretty much matches everything.  Lesson learned.  

I haven't put anything on the wall above the toilet yet until I figure out what I want.  I could use more storage so I thought about a cabinet, but I don't know.  I want to think on it some more before making a decision.  

Also, I considered either painting or adding a darker stain to the vanity.  In the end, I got lazy and changed my mind.  However it still needed some attention.  To spruce up the vanity a bit (because it was getting faded and worn), I mixed a similar colored wood stain with water in approximately a 2:1 ration (stain:water) and brushed it on.  After it sat for a few minutes, I rubbed it down with a rag.  I did two coats over the entire vanity.  I also added one coat of a polyurethane sealer and let it all dry.  It stayed a little tacky for a few days, but it eventually completely dried. I tried to take comparison pictures of the before and after but none really showed the difference very well.  It did, however, make quite a bit of difference.  The vanity looks like new wood again!  

You didn't get a good look at this wall below in the before pictures.  If you had, you would have noticed that the towel bar was black (it actually matches the toilet paper holder in the before pictures).  I didn't want to purchase all new hardware for the bathroom, so I just bought a can of brushed nickel spray paint instead.  I repainted this towel bar, the toilet paper holder, the light bar, and the knobs on the vanity and medicine cabinet.  

I plan to purchase a new faucet sometime this fall in the same brushed nickel style.  For now though, it's still brass.  I thought about painting it, but I didn't really want to take it all apart.  Another lesson learned.  Brass is so outdated!!!!! Yuck! :(

I do love how the light fixture turned out though!

And now on to the bedroom!!!!!!  I painted it a shade of blue called Rain by Sherwin Williams.  It is supposed to look more blue green, but it mostly looks blue.  It depends on the time of day.  It's not exactly perfect, but it's close enough.  Someday I'll learn to paint on a sample first like all the experts say.  I don't have the patience for that.  When I'm ready to paint, I'm ready to paint!  I bought the tan curtains at Shopko. I couldn't find the exact link for which style the curtains are.  They're basically just a tan, sheer fabric.  

You might notice the absence of a dog bed in the first pictures.  There's my new dog Lucy making her first appearance on the blog!  I should do a post about her soon!!!!  This is where she sleeps every night.  She loves her bed!

I got the 3 pieces of art above the bed at Shopko, too.  I think they were about $50 for the set.  I just loved how they incorporated all the colors in the room...blue, tan, brown, green.

As you can tell, I rearranged a little bit.  By moving the large brown dresser to the corner, it really opened up the space on my side of the bed!

I moved the treadmill over to the side which also gives me, and Lucy, a lot more room on that side of the bed.  


See that picture frame above my dresser in the last picture?  It does double duty...

Yep, it's a jewelry box inside.  

Unfortunately, it has become a mess because I have so much stinkin' jewelry!  It's a sickness, I know.  So, I decided to fix that problem.  It occurred to me that there is a lot of wasted space on the inside of my dresser door.


Tadaaaaa!  I put some small Command hooks inside and hung the longer necklaces in there.  The bad part is that it made a lot of noise when I opened the door so I had to come up with another genius solution.  I added two pieces of white craft foam to muffle the noise.  I adhered it with double sided tape.  It worked like a charm!

Here's a close up of the hooks.  

Did you notice the outdated ceiling fan in the before pictures?  The ugly glass and brass combo?  I'm going to do an entire post on the fan redo sometime, but here's an after shot...

I took it all apart, painted the brass with brushed nickel spray paint and covered the blades with fabric.  I'll show you how I did it all in a later post.  

That's about it.  It really only took a few days work and I think I spent around $300-$400.  Most of that was the bedspread and curtains.  I really like how it turned out.  It's nothing too fancy, but I think it looks better.  

Have you tackled any redecorating projects this summer?


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